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Independent Wealth Management

About Truesdale Financial Group

We are an independent wealth management firm with over 20 years of developing comprehensive strategies for our clients.  Employing our proprietary wealth management process, we build customized plans designed to meet each client’s unique objectives, ensuring integration of investment, tax, estate, risk, and retirement issues.

Relationships with our clients are based on trust and integrity ensuring that your unique needs and desires are articulated and realized. We deliver solutions that bring you peace of mind regarding your financial future.

Our Principles

As a values-driven enterprise, we believe the following principles are critical to wealth management excellence:


We adhere to strict ethical guidelines and standards of professional conduct consistent with the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, and the Financial Planning Standards Council.

Holistic perspective

We believe comprehensive wealth management strategies constitute a fundamental part of financial well-being.

Professional Credentials

We ensure our team members have the highest levels of professional accreditation and pursue continuing education to successfully navigate the sophisticated field of wealth management.

Personalized service

We build a deep understanding of each client to deliver customized wealth management strategies resulting in partnerships built upon dedication and trust.


We are committed to being transparent by providing full disclosure of our professional fees and all compensation.

Professional partnerships

We build strategic alliances with a diverse group of professionals who share our core corporate values, and we leverage these relationships to add value for our clients.

We would be pleased to have a more in-depth discussion of our services.